4 Tips For Keeping Family Dinners Fun

January is Sunday Supper Month!  Here are 4 tips on how to keep your Family Dinners fun and enjoyable. Did you know that eating dinner together regularly is linked to better sleep and higher self esteem in kids?! What an amazing benefit.

Tip #1 - Schedule It
Even if it means sending an email, a text, or phone reminder to round everyone up. And remember, "Dinner" can be anytime, anywhere. Breakfast, brunch or take-out. Shoot for 20 minutes, but what matters is that you're all together.

Tip #2 - Recruit Your Kiddos as Sous Chefs
An extra bonding experience is to ask your children to help with food prep (veggie chopping, setting the table etc.) Plus picky eaters are more likely to sit still for a meal they helped make themselves.

Tip #3 - Shut It Off
Talk as a family about tech rules ahead of time. Turn off the TV or better yet, eat in a room without one-and have a basket in the kitchen for everyone to drop their phones in with the ringers off. Make face to face talk your priority.

Tip #4 - Promote Fun Kid Chat
Sit around the table to encourage eye contact and make dinner a judgement-free zone (avoid talk of test scores or discipline) to help kiddos look forward to mealtime. Try having each person name the high and low of their week, and ask open ended questions. If convo stalls, try our Kid Chat book to to help spark ideas (www.poshinate.com/products/kid-chat-book) Research shows that parents who share family stories help their children have greater resilience and self esteem.

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