At Poshinate Kiddos we strive to ship our products fast and for a fair price.  We have a great shipping relationship that allows us to have 2 day shipping on most orders, without the huge extra cost that usually comes with that kind of speed.  We also have Free Shipping on orders over $99, and of course Free In-Store Pickup.

What to Expect:

1. (Free Shipping) once you've put $99 or more into your cart it will automatically initiate a Free Shipping credit.  In some cases you may see an initial charge for shipping followed by a credit for the same amount.  Free Shipping will also still get you Fast 2-Day Shipping (in most cases)

2. (Standard Shipping) any order under the $99 threshold will be offered Fast & Fair $6.99 Flat Rate Shipping.  We are constantly looking to bring this price down even further, but one thing that sets us apart is that we're able to offer 2-Day shipping (in most cases) for that low flat rate. 

3. (In-Store Pickup) as the name suggests, this option is for our customers who may live in fairly close proximity to our store.  Just shop and checkout like you normally would, and when offered the shipping options, select "In-Store Pickup" from the list.


Order/Shipping Notes:

If you need to add special delivery instructions or a date/time when you'd like to pickup your order this is the place to include that.


Didn't find the answer to your question?  Email: or Call us at 507.271.4562 and we can answer any questions that weren't covered here.