M-TAB @ PK | Moms-Take a Break @ Poshinate Kiddos

In honor of our first M-TAB @ PK (Mom's-Take A Break at Poshinate Kiddos) get together this week we thought we'd tell you why most of our gatherings will strictly be a Mom's ONLY night. 

When you become a Mom, these sweet, adorable little humans consume your life. It's absolutely true isn't it? You are their #1, for countless reasons, and sometimes it seems like you lose yourself and your only identity is Mom. You're known as so-and-so's Mom, 'Mom! Mom! Mom!' they need you for every little thing. While we all know that this stage won't last forever, and we will dearly miss it when it's gone, sometimes we just need a little break. 

We want to bring you back, back to the life of YOU!  Even if only for a couple of hours! We want to build supportive friendships within M-TAB and give you some well-deserved time for yourself.  I mean its 2 hours, it's absolutely doable & let’s face it, you deserve it. We want you to look forward to our get-togethers, our special events and to connecting with the new friends you have made!  Having Mom-friends is so incredibly vital.

We also want to be a learning resource for you. Our events will range from educational speakers and information to game night. We will have a variety of things for you to learn and do and just enjoy yourself!  What we ideally want to accomplish is a fun, monthly get together, for Moms only.  

We would love for you and a friend(s) to join us! See you there!

When: Wednesday night, February 8th 

Where: Poshinate Kiddos located at 305 South Minnesota Ave. St Peter

Time: 6:00-8:00 p.m.


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