Telling Family Stories Around the Supper Table

The little kiddo who lives at our home LOVES to hear family stories.  She asks to hear stories about when her grandparents were little, stories about when her mommy, aunt and uncles were little as well as different stories about the pets we’ve had over the years.  She most frequently asks for these stories when we are at the supper table.

Research shows that telling your children stories of fond memories you have of good times and people you love can strengthen the connection between your child and those loved ones.  This is especially beneficial in todays’ society when distance apart can keep us from spending as much time together with loved ones as we’d like.

So at supper tonight, try sharing a family story with your children.  Include as much detail in your story as you can, for example, how old you were, was it daytime or nighttime, who was with you, what was the weather like, what were you thinking/feeling.  Really bring the story to life!  You may just enjoy reliving the story as much as your child enjoys hearing it!

Just don’t be surprised if you are asked to repeat the story…..again and again and again. 

Enjoy it!

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