Best Toys For Child Development

When you first think about your baby registry, the number of toys to choose from can be overwhelming. But which ones are best for your child's development? A new study published in the journal Physical Therapy took a look at what types of toys affect infants' motor skills, as well as how to best arrange the space for baby to play in.

Which child development toys to buy

For a young baby's gross motor skills:

  • colorful mats to encourage rolling or creeping
  • toys that dangle about the infant for them to reach toward
  • music toys
  • soft toys that make noise or move when the child squeezes or pulls them
  • exersaucers or jumpers,
  • water toys
  • balls. 

For an infant's fine motor skills:

  • graspable toys like rattles
  • pull/push toys like trains and cars
  • pop-up or spinning toys
  • blocks
  • books 

But if you don't want your house to turn into a toy store, don't worry—you don't need a bizillion objects to stimulate motor development.

The most important thing parents can do to stimulate child development, regardless of which toys they have, is to use the objects to actually interact with their child.  Infants can have a lot of toys that optimize motor development but they might not be using them.  Take the time to play with your kiddos, because it is time that is very well spent!  Check out our Puzzles | Games & Toys

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