2017 Small Business Week | Month St Peter MN

Once again its National Small Business Week | Month and here at Poshinate Kiddos Baby & Kids Store & we're very grateful to be celebrating another successful year.  We moved into a larger storefront on the Main st in St Peter MN at 305 S Minnesota Ave #105, and have added a bunch of great new product lines.  We've also added Gift Wrapping and a Baby Registry with some new surprises coming later in the year!

Our Baby & Kids store has seen tremendous growth, both in our St. Peter store and online at Poshinate.com This is due in large part to a smart, fun, stylish, expressive, eco conscience consumer base who have really embraced our store and the unique products.  Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Friends, & Family come in for gifts that make a statement & that they cant find elsewhere.  Not only do we get a lot of local business traffic from St. Peter & Mankato, but from families and gift givers who are passing through.

What Small Business Week Is Really About

There are over 28 million small business's that drive the nations economy & 2 of 3 new jobs are created by small business's.  They contribute Billion's to our nations GDP & provide 60-80% of new jobs.  Each year the nation highlights this week/month to celebrate small business in our local communities and draw attention to the benefit to the communities.  But this week/month is as much about celebrating and engaging the local customer as it is our local business's.  That's because unless we can show the benefit to all people involved (local owners and consumers), the big picture benefits for all, gets lost in the mix.

So Why Should I / You Care?

When someone comes into Poshinate Kiddos and purchases something, there is tax collected for St. Peter, the county which St Peter is part of (Nicollet county in this case) as well as the state of Minnesota.  We as a business are also consumers, as we need to buy things as well!  So the money you spent gets reinvested at the local grocery and food stores, hardware stores, gas stations, banks and other local business's.  This creates an environment for local strength, growth & stability.  We will ALL see some direct benefit from that transaction.  Local strength leads to a stronger housing market, a stronger school system, better roads, parks and more interest from people and business outside to bring money into the community.  There is also a local benefit even when people order from us online.  We also realize that in the global economy we all live in, it's not realistic to expect people to do 100% of their shopping via local stores.  But if you're weighing options between getting something at say Poshinate Kiddos or Amazon.....you may be surprised at the real world cost/benefits. (We purposely try to source products that are not on amazon).  These benefits are obviously most beneficial to Local / Minnesota residents, but also as shown below to national customers.

How Poshinate Kiddos Can Offer You A Faster, More Cost Effective Experience Than Amazon (a bold claim i know, but lets see)

Lets look at a quick example of what your experience looks like on Amazon vs Poshinate Kiddos:


Shipping: 2-3 Day (Standard) | $6.99 - Free Shipping 2-3 Days (ONLY PRIME) $99 p/y
In - Store Pickup | Free Not offered
Ability To Accommodate Special Situations Too big to care
Pays Taxes And Re-Invests Locally Only started collecting taxes recently after public scrutiny & doesn't re-invest locally
Try, Touch & Compare Before You Buy Picture looked great, product was cheap


Time Frame / Cost Winner: Poshinate Kiddos


Shipping Comparison Example

Real cost to ship 1 order a month(non local) Real cost to ship 1 order a month
$6.99 or Free = $6.99 (2-3 Day Standard) $99 /12=$8.25 = $8.25 (2-3 day)
Real cost to ship 1 order a month (Local) Real cost to ship 1 order a month (Local)
$0 FREE in-store Pickup $99 /12 =$8.25 = $8.25 (2-3 day)


Shipping Cost / Speed Winner: Poshinate Kiddos


Now I can hear you saying, ya but I get extras like tv shows, and other stuff included for Amazon prime.  But lets be real you're probably already paying $7 - $12 p/m to Hulu or Netflix for that.  As you can see, when you really compare apples to apples (this example is obliviously specific ONLY to Poshinate Kiddos) we as a local business can offer you a better, faster, and more cost effective shopping experience, that in the end saves you time & money......two things I think we all universally like and want more of!

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support and we look forward to continuing to support and invest in the community.

- Poshinate Kiddos

National Small Business Week | Poshinate Kiddos St Peter MN


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